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As though it never even occurred.

Hail, wind, or flood - terms most property owners dread to hear.  If you find yourself reeling from one of  Mother Nature's bad days, or unexpectedly wearing wet socks indoors, call Bartow Builders.  Chances are, we've seen worse.  We'll fix it right and get it done quickly, so you can get back to living your life - with dry socks.

Hail Storm - Killdeer, ND

In the summer of 2016, a hail storm battered the quaint town of Killdeer, ND with baseball-sized chunks of ice.  It pummeled roofs, shattered glass, tore siding clean off, and bruised residents who wandered outdoors.  Bartow Builders was contacted by an owner of 14 properties in the area for emergency and long-term repairs.  Within 24 hours, we stabilized structures so inhabited buildings could remain occupied.  Within 90 days, repairs  on all occupied buildings were substantially complete.  Despite the initial loss, the owner was able to maintain occupancy  throughout the course of the project, and gained fresh, new, clean exteriors throughout  - with better installation than new.  A great ending to a devastating event. 

Hail & Storm Repair

Severe weather can push even the best-built homes beyond their limits.  When it does, you can depend on Bartow Builders to have the experience and resources to restore your home to it's former glory.  Our expertise in new construction and remodeling carries over nicely.  When it needs to be fixed right, call us.  We've been there.

Flood and Water Damage

Drip. Drip. Drip.

E. Dickinson Apartments, May 2017
South Heart Residence, March 2017

The distinctive sound that strikes fear in the heart of homeowners everywhere - the sound of water running when it shouldn't be.  If you find yourself knee deep, call Bartow Builders to help bail you out.  We work closely with a reputable water remediation company.  They professionally clean and treat any affected areas, stopping mold before it can take hold.  Once finished, our crews begin rebuilding, with the same level of craftsmanship and dedication we bring to all our projects.  Many homeowners find a silver lining, and opt to upgrade fixtures and finishes, or add other wish-list features while we're there (at their expense).  Others simply want to restore the damaged areas to their original form.  Whatever you choose, Bartow Builders has a proven track record of success.   We're quick, professional, and deliver great results - every time.  We'll have you back on dry land in no time.

Small Repairs?
Yes.  We do those, too.

From the Owner

"I've seen, firsthand, the heartbreak, devastation, and anger of property owners who've been victims of water and storm damage.  Many are confused by insurance claim settlements, and we've had great success working with owners and adjusters to negotiate fair replacement costs.  It's such a great feeling to finish a job and see the relief on an owner's face after we've restored, or even improved, their property."

-Jay Bartow, Owner

It may be a mess, but the choice is clear.

From simple drywall repairs to multi-property disasters, Bartow Builders has the experience, dedication, and talent to restore and repair your home as if it never occurred at all.  Call today!


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