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Old bones.  New life.

A home remodel is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience.  It breathes new life into a home, transforming it into a new, inviting, and comfortable space specifically tailored to your taste and needs.   Aside from improved functionality and fresh styling, a well-done remodel adds considerable market value to your home.  From simple tiling work to full-blown renovations, Bartow Builders has done it.  Stop living in the 1960's and contact us today to find out how we can transform your home.

Benefits of a Remodel

There are many good reasons to remodel you home.  Here are a few examples:

  • Custom home feel, without the custom home price

  • Improved quality of life 

  • Increased functionality

  • Spaces renovated with your family's needs in mind

  • Finishes, fixtures and colors selected by you

  • Lower cost of ownership with modern insulation, windows, doors, and energy-efficient appliances

  • Increased value of home - particularly with kitchens and baths

A Contractor with the Right Experience

Although a plan may be very well designed and have tasteful style, without a great contractor to execute it, the results may be mediocre at best.  Remodeling requires a slightly different skillset from new construction.  Blending old and new finishes, and familiarity with traditional building methods and materials requires knowledge and experience.  An eye for detail and a reputation for bringing a high level of craftsmanship is a must.  If you invest in your home, don't risk having mediocre results with just any contractor.  Find one who has done it - and done it right.

Bartow Builders - Passionate about  Renovating

Bartow Builders is not only experienced, talented, and proven with home renovation - we're passionate about it. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than seeing a homeowner smile when they realize how beautiful their home can become.  We've done many remodels and improvements and each has been delivered with stunning craftsmanship and been built to last.  We take pride in our work and value our reputation - and it shows.  When you're ready to make an outdated home feel like your own, give us a call.  We'll get it done right. 

Remodeling Services

We Make it Simple


For some, a remodel may sound intimidating, complex, or overwhelming.  Bartow Builders understands, and strives to make the process as simple, straightforward and as unintrusive as possible.  Our company is able to manage your project from the planning and estimating stage to the final clean, all under one roof.  We'll listen to your wants and needs, propose a plan that works for you, and make it a reality.  Much of our work is performed by our company directly, and we manage a great team of subcontractors for trades that require separate licensing.  We'll keep you informed throughout the process, and work to get the project done quickly, so you can enjoy the new space.  Here's an overview of how it works, with our services below:

Site Visit

- Measure and evaluate existing conditions

- Discover needs and preferred style

Propose Plan

- Review plan

- Cost/Time is estimated

- Adjust and modify if necessary

- 3D modeling available


- We'll demo and construct  according to plan with enthusiasm, professionalism, and amazing craftsmanship


- Start making memories in a well-built space designed just for you

- Tell friends that Bartow Builders is the best

Bartow Builders
Remodeling Services

Client Services

  • General Contracting

  • Subcontracting

  • Planning

  • Design

  • Drafting 

  • 3D Modeling

  • Cost Estimation

  • Project Management

  • Quality Control

In-House Services

  • Concrete

  • Framing

  • Insulation (Batts & Blow-in)

  • Drywall (Hang, Tape, Texture)

  • Paint

  • Cabinet Installation

  • Doors & Windows

  • Trim and Shelving

  • Staining & Finishing

  • Tile (Backsplash, floors, custom showers)

  • Flooring...    and much more!

Our Subcontractors

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Heating & Air

  • Stone Countertops

  • Spray Foam Insulation

  • Structural Engineering

  • Independent Contractors available for additional support

We  bring down walls

                         so you can  build memories.

Recent Projects

Remodeled Residence - Kitchen & Main Floor
Outskirts of Dickinson, ND

Great Location, Outdated Interior

A homeowner approached Bartow Builders with a home on acreage that she loved, but a kitchen and interior that she loathed.  A load-bearing wall ran down the middle of the home, making it feel closed-off and divided.  The cabinets and plaster finishes dated the home, and there were cracks from rotted structural members.  The family with small children and a large dog needed solutions - and were on the brink of moving altogether.

Open Floorplan, Fresh Styling

Bartow Builders developed a floorplan that would open the dining space, overhaul the kitchen, add modern lighting, update the paint and texture, and add continuous, high-traffic flooring throughout.  Within 6 weeks time, we transformed the space, finding and correcting structural deficiencies along the way.  The concealed beam opened the home up, allowing better flow and natural light to pour in.  The updates gave the family the feel and styling of a custom built home without having to change their address.

Remodeled Residence - Kitchen & Dining Rm
Manning, ND

Outdated to Outstanding

A homeowner reached out to Bartow Builders about remodeling their main floor and finishing the interior of a new addition (read more here).  The old farmstead would need an exterior and load-bearing wall opened up to accommodate the new layout.  A contemporary kitchen would replace the original cabinets and the stairwell walls would be lowered to make the space feel open and give clean lines of sight. 

Dark and Dirty to Bright and Clean

 Bartow Builders used images she furnished to create the kitchen of her dreams, including a farm apron sink, wainscoting surrounding the stairwell, and a track-mounted barn door leading to the new pantry.  Fresh drywall and texture blended perfectly, the windows and doors were trimmed to match, and the white and grey paint brought everything together.  The concealed beam over the stairwell gave the space the large, open feeling they were looking for.  The owners weren't afraid to get dirty themselves,  reclaiming boards from a windbreak to create an authentic feature wall.

Remodeled Residence - Kitchen and Living Rm
Dickinson, ND

Tiny Kitchen, Big Character

A homeowner contacted Bartow Builders to see what could be done about their tiny kitchen.  A partition wall closed the kitchen off from the rest of the house, and storage was limited  They wanted to open it up, add a small bar, and completely renovate the kitchen, but they didn't want to lose some of the existing features that gave the space character, such as the original brick chimney and a coved ceiling in the living room.

Wide Open, Eclectic Style

Bartow Builders designed and modeled the new kitchen in 3D before having our kitchen designer tweak and modify the plan.  We removed the wall and perfectly recreated the original cove detail, seamlessly blending the two spaces.  The cabinets were topped with elegant crown molding, and the owner chose to mix light and dark finishes to add striking contrast.  The chimney brick became a feature, and the farm apron sink became a great focal point. 

Remodeled Residence - Wet Bar in Basement
Outskirts of Dickinson, ND

A Lot of Space, Not Much Function

A homeowner asked Bartow Builders to help with a project in their basement.  Their floorplan was very open and seemed to be missing something.  They hoped to convert the space into a wet bar to compliment the pool table already there.

A Place to Entertain

Bartow Builders got to work, removing flooring and trim to make way for the new space.  Beautiful cabinetry was installed, complete with island and bar, rippled glass doors, wine rack, crown molding, and floating shelves to display... refreshments.

A much better use of the space!


Questions or Concerns?  Hesitant to start?

Contact us.

We'll be happy to visit with you to answer questions or explore options.

From the Owner

"When we started doing remodels, we knew there would be unique challenges, but we had one goal in mind - to be the best at it.  I think we've succeeded in that and we're proud to offer some of the finest remodeling services in the Dickinson area today."

- Jay Bartow, Owner

Is a Remodel Right for You?

Remodel.  Rehab.  Renovation.

They're all answers to the same problem, but it's not always the right answer.  Remodeling can do wonders to re-arrange space, open walls, and update finishes.  However, there are cases where a remodel is not the best solution.

Here are a few example statements that will help you decide if remodeling is the correct answer for your problem:

1.)  My home feels small, and I hate the old ceiling texture and flooring.


2.)  My home is literally too small, and will never be big enough for our needs.

3.)  My home looks tired.  The bath is so small and outdated, and the plaster          has cracks.


4.)  My home has very obvious and serious structural problems.  I don't want          to look at them and new drywall would fix it.

Yes!  You are a great candidate for a remodel.  Bartow Builders can re-arrange your floorplan, removing walls to create an open concept and add any interior design options you choose with amazing craftsmanship.

Although creative floorplans can make a dramatic improvement, sometimes there simply isn't enough space.  In those cases, we recommend an Addition, or a combination of the two, to maximize use of the space.  Check out the Additions section of our General Contracting page for more info.  In some cases, it's best to build new.  Find out more on our GC page.

Yes, a remodel is the answer.  Minor cracks from settling are common in old houses, and some of the older baths are a little... overwhelming.  Bartow Builders can strip the plaster, hang fresh sheetrock, and bring your bath up to date with new tile flooring, fixtures, and accents. We can also create a custom walk-in shower with frameless glass door.

While a remodel may still be possible, structural deficiencies always take precedence.  We want to make improvements that will last.  The good news is that we are able to make many structural repairs.  It's best to setup a time to visit with us to evaluate existing conditions before moving forward.

Bartow Builders has the experience, talent, and resources to transform your home into a space you'll love and enjoy for years.


Let us show you just how amazing your home can look today.

Ready for a dramatic improvement to you home?

We offer free estimates*, so there's nothing to lose.

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