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Get to know the owner - Q&A
Why did you get involved in construction?

Jay Bartow


Bartow Builders

"I've been passionate about building since I was a kid.  I would study builders next door, then try to frame walls for a fort in our yard.  It's always interested me.  I had started college and had a bright academic future, but decided that I enjoyed building much more.  Instead of packing books I packed lumber, and learned everything I could.  It was never a hobby or a side-gig - I really enjoy it and made a career out of it.  I now have a library of books on the subject - and I think that's what I love about it.  There's always more to learn.  There's always new products or a better way to build something.  It keeps it interesting.  It's also really satisfying to take raw materials and turn them into these beautiful, sound structures."  

What kind of experience do you have?

"I spent my first 4 years as an apprentice carpenter, working on a small crew, building dozens of spec and custom homes in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.  We did most everything ourselves, from the foundations to the trim. I enjoyed it, learned a lot, and gained rank quickly, but felt unchallenged.  I looked elsewhere for  projects that truly tested my abilities and found it in the resort town of Big Sky, MT.  The landscape was dotted with towering timber and log-framed homes nestled perfectly on mountains, absorbing the views below.  I had thought myself to be a bit of a perfectionist before working beside true artisans.  Working on these luxurious mountain retreats brought out the best in me, and before long, I was fitting timbers and leading trim crews on some of the most incredible projects you could imagine.  Wanting a change in scenery, I took a position as a civilian carpenter working on military bases in Iraq - 'building cities in the desert' as they say.  I made the Foreman position before long, but returned home after being away for 3 years.  I then started work with a large general contractor based out of Montana, and was quickly promoted to the Project Superintendent position.  I managed several commercial projects in the Dickinson area, each successful and completed on time.  With enough experience under my belt, I opened my own general contracting company and have really enjoyed it.  It's been a challenging but very rewarding experience. It's very different to see things now from an owner's perspective."  

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Built on Reputation

A company's most valuable resource is it's people.  Bartow Builders is no exception.  From our own staff, to our subcontractors, designers and suppliers - we work solely with people who are known to stand behind their work and care about the customer.  This helps maintain our most valuable quality - our reputation.

About Our Company

Bartow Builders was founded with the intent of providing a high level of craftsmanship, to be reasonably priced, and to deliver in a timely manner with honesty, courtesy, and transparency.  We believe that the key to customer satisfaction is

pretty simple:  be honest, do great work, and treat people the same way you would want to be treated.  So far, this philosophy has served us well.  From a minor improvement to major projects, our mantra stays the same.  It's helped us build a clientele that knows what to expect when we start a project.  It is our mission to meet or exceed those expectations, every time. 

Bartow Builders knows that a company is only as strong as their reputation.  We value our reputation highly, and see every project as an opportunity to uphold or improve upon it.  The Bartow Builders name has become synonymous with Quality.  We work hard to protect that reputation, by delivering great results and treating people fairly on every project.

Our Values

We want you to love the work we do, so our process is centered around how you would like your project to look and perform.  We take the time to listen to your needs and try to share the vision you have for your space.  We'll go over options for finishes and explain the pros and cons of each one, letting you decide what works best for you.  Our craftsman do a great job of executing a plan, but we believe that a successful project starts with an informed owner and clear expectations.

Our Process

"Each project gives me something to feel proud about, even if it's a small repair.  With some of our remodels, it's amazing to see how something can change so much.  We take these old kitchens, some of them 60 years old or more, and turn it into something that looks like it came straight from the page of a magazine.  You can't help but feel good about that.  With new construction, it's cool to see a structure just crop up out of the ground - standing tall, almost defiantly, against the elements.  When you look back and see that you've added something to the landscape that will be there for awhile, it's a good feeling."

We'd love to hear from you.

Now you know a little about us.  We'd like to learn more about you and the project or improvement you have in mind.

Contact us today.


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