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General Contracting

Breaking ground.  Building dreams.

For many, building a new home or addition is the culmination of hard work and sacrifice, ideas and planning.  More than an amalgamation of concrete, boards, and nails, it is a vision for how a space can be used, where memories will be made, and a new meaning to "home."

Bartow Builders does not take that responsibility lightly.  For us, building a home goes beyond the technical challenges, coordination, and scheduling.  It gives us the opportunity to express our craftsmanship, live our passion, and create a space that will be loved and enjoyed.

Custom Homes

From the Owner

"Building a home may be the largest investment you make in your lifetime.  Choosing the right contractor is paramount.  You'll be speaking with them, working beside them, making decisions, and building a relationship - almost daily - until the project is complete. If you're ready to start building a home, spend a little time getting to know us. I think you'll agree - we're the right contractor for your project.  For us, building a home isn't just a job - we seriously enjoy what we do."

- Jay Bartow, Owner

Custom Home Construction

A custom-built home is a reflection of your personality, your sense of style, and your way of life.  It is also a serious investment - financially, emotionally, and of valuable time.  

New construction involves collaboration across many fields - architects, engineers, utilities, suppliers, subcontractors, city/county officials, etc.  Mistakes or miscommunications can be costly, and can potentially add thousands of dollars to the bottom line, or cause serious delays to the project.

The Right Builder for Your Home

With so much at stake, it's critical to find a general contractor that you feel comfortable with, and who has the necessary experience and resources to make your plan a reality.  When you partner with Bartow Builders, we make a commitment to deliver a project that is reasonably priced, completed in a timely manner, and has unparalleled craftsmanship.  Our experience with residential construction is broad and beneficial in a number of ways.  It allows us to:

  • Catch mistakes before they're made, saving time, money, and headache

  • Ensure all phases are built right, and on par with our high standards

  • Suggest cost-effective ways of accomplishing different ideas, keeping the project under budget

  • Efficiently schedule, coordinate, and communicate between trades, keeping the project moving

Whether you're browsing floorplans and combing the web for ideas, or have a plot and blueprints in hand, call today.  It's an exciting journey, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

The Home Building Process

Building a Home doesn't have to be complicated. 

See our overview below.

1.)  Develop a Budget

Evaluate your income and finances and decide what is affordable to you.  Once decided, stick with it.  It's hard to enjoy a new space if you've gone way beyond your budget and are constantly stressed about affording it.  It's a good idea to speak with your lender to find out what you qualify for.

2.)  Find the Location

A lot close to downtown or acreage in the country, both have pros and cons.  If you haven't found it yet, we'd be happy to introduce you to a great realtor serving the Dickinson area.  If searching out of town, pay attention to how far utilities are from the build site, as it can be expensive to bring them in.  Also consider the quality of the well water in the area if it is not yet serviced.

3.)  Settle on a Plan/Design

This is where a majority of your time should be spent.  Make a list of your family's needs to determine size, and routines to find a good layout.  Try to start conservatively.  There's usually a balance in the budget between the size of the home and the quality of the finishes.  It's good to sift through plans online to get a feel for what appeals to you.  We can use plans you've found and modify them for this area.  We offer in-house drafting services if you have a good idea of what you'd like to see, or need some tweaking done.  If your plans are ambitious, an architect is a must.  Much more goes into a well-designed home than just function and paint colors.  Capturing views with windows, the prevailing winds, lighting, style, how sunlight enters the home - a wide range of factors are involved.  We work with local architects to design the right house for your needs, your style, and your building site.

Thought should be given to interior design and finishes.  If you have large heirloom furniture that needs to be incorporated into the plan, pencil it in before the work starts.  As any designer will tell you, changes on paper are easy and inexpensive.  Don't wait until the walls are painted to start thinking about how you will furnish the space.

The planning phase is also where we estimate the project cost.  While it would be great to check-off every wish-list item, budget restraints can make compromise necessary.  Our experience allows us to suggest creative solutions to achieve a "look" for less cost without sacrificing quality.  

We work with our list of preferred subcontractors and vendors who have proven to be fairly priced, reliable, and quality-minded.  We generally request bids from multiple subs from each trade to keep bidding competitive and costs down. 

4.)  Construction Begins!

With financing in order, an approved floorplan, finishes chosen, and bidding complete, it's time to start digging.  Much like the conductor of an orchestra, Bartow Builders manages the construction process with finesse.  Permits are submitted, orders are placed, and subcontractors and workers are queued.  We diligently check layout and installation techniques, ensuring smooth transitions between trades.   It's an exciting time to watch as the project takes form, and each week brings new changes.  Most home builds can range anywhere from 3 to 12 months, depending on size and complexity.  Once the walls are up, it's tempting to start making changes.  While most changes are possible, try to avoid them as they can add time and expense to the project.  The key to a successful build is a solid plan from the start.

5.)  Move In and Enjoy

With construction complete, it's time to kick back, relax, and sip a cup of coffee while enjoying the view from your back deck.  You can rest easy knowing that your home was built to last and crafted with care.  Our work is always warrantied, so there's no need to stress if something goes wrong.  More importantly, you have the right people backing you up.  So start making some memories in your new home - you've earned it!

We Should Meet!
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"Additions make a lot of sense if you love your home or the location, and just need more space.  We've done enough to know that there are unique challenges with each one.  The finishing stage requires a certain level of finesse that not every builder has.  Our company would feel privileged to work with you to find a way to keep your home comfortable and useful, without moving.  We have the experience and talent needed to get your project done right."

- Jay Bartow, Owner

Addition - Manning, ND - 2017

Old Farmstead, New Needs

A new homeowner reached out to Bartow Builders in the summer of 2017.  They had purchased a home on acreage, but the old farmstead was too small to meet their family's needs.  They proposed a large addition - with great room, powder room, closets, and a 3-car garage.  The addition would add over 1,000 SF of living space, effectively doubling the size of their main floor.  The garage would add another 1,200 SF of heated space. Their drawings were complete, and the concrete and shell of the addition would be handled by a contractor in the family (services we would otherwise perform).  Bartow Builders was charged with finishing the interior of the new space, as well as:  framing a large opening to bridge the old and new spaces; removing a load-bearing wall to develop an open concept in the kitchen; replacing old windows with new, larger windows; and giving the kitchen a complete overhaul.  You can read more about that on our Remodeling section

Seamless Transitions


We started work with enthusiasm - installing beams, removing walls, and adding drywall backing. We insulated walls and ceilings with batts and blow-in cellulose insulation.  Nearly 140 sheets of 12' sheetrock were hung, taped, and textured, with new surfaces perfectly blended with the old.  Interior doors and cabinets were set, window jambs and sills were installed, and millwork/wainscot was added to a stairwell before base trim and casing went on throughout.  Primer and paint was applied to walls, ceilings, and trim - each a different color.    The majority of our work, from insulation to the last coat of paint, was completed in just over 30 calendar days.  The results are amazing - turning a quaint, cramped and divided homestead into a roomy, open, comfortable home with fresh appeal - ready for years of enjoyment.  

Adding New Space unto an Existing Home

You own a home, don't want to move, and just feel like it needs more space.  Perhaps you found a great deal on a house that was too small to begin with.  Whatever the reason - financial, sentimental, best value - sometimes an addition just makes the most sense to cope with you or your family's changing needs.


Unusual Problems -- Proven Experience

Additions pose unique challenges in the construction field.  Is the electrical service and furnace large enough for the extra space?  Where will the structural connections be and will they work with the design?  Can interior finishes be matched and extended?  These are just a few of the common questions that need answers.  When properly executed, an addition can add real value to your home.  The nature of the work requires a contractor who's familiar with the process,  who can anticipate problems early, and has the craftsmanship to blend old surfaces with new.  When you're ready to build on, turn to Bartow Builders.  Our experience with new home construction and remodeling makes us the ideal contractor to partner with.  We do more than just "add on".  We work to provide a space that integrates seamlessly and performs as though it were part of the original build.  When we're done, it will feel as though it had been there all along.

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Garages, Shops & Outbuildings

"Gimme Shelter"

Need room to work, store, or protect? 

We've got you covered.

Detached or attached, matched to the house or steel siding, bare inside or finished with epoxy floors - whatever you need, we can make it happen.  We bring the same level of dedication and craftsmanship to every project - even a simple garage.

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